About Us

We want your child to succeed, achieve and shine.

We are one of the few tuition companies in London aimed specifically at helping primary school children.

We believe that it is very important to help children at the early stages, whether it be helping with confidence at KS1  or helping with specific exams at KS2.  Your children are our priority, whatever their individual requirements.  In our competitive society,  giving a child the ability to make the most of school  can be of lifelong benefit.

We believe a small input at an early age can increase a child’s basic learning skills and confidence.  This is particularly helpful for those children who are overwhelmed by large classes.

Our individual tutoring can help a child get the best possible start not only in primary school, enabling them to keep up, or to catch up if they have fallen behind.  It will help also them pass the exams required to get into the secondary school of their choice.

Helping to achieve their potential.

We design an individual programme for every child.

We cover every subject at primary school level including the all important verbal and non verbal reasoning required for the 11+.

We are committed to seeing the requirements of each child through to the end goal e.g. exam success or increased confidence.

Our home tuition can

  • Help a child get into a good secondary school.
  • Give a child confidence to do well in a large class.
  • Help a child with specific examinations or tests e.g SATs or the 11+  by developing a whole exam strategy.
  • Help a child overcome a specific block in a subject.
  • Help a child who has missed some school for whatever reason, who may need help with every subject.
  • Give a child a boost in all or just one subject area.
  • Help with all subjects including verbal and non-verbal reasoning (tested for at a number of good schools).
  • Help a child who is doing really well and wants to do even better.

Our tutors and packages are completely flexible – we provide as much guidance and  help as is needed and cover all subjects.  We are happy to assist with more than one child in the family regardless of differing age groups and learning requirements.

We develop strategy plans which will guide your child through exam preparation, whether we have 12 months, 6 months or 3 months.  We also aim to also manage stress and maintain motivation.

All our tutors have qualified teacher status at primary school level. All have CRB checks and all operate at a very high standard.

Depending on the needs of the child and the wishes of the parents we can also  set exercises and homework if required.